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Up To 2 mm Longer Eyelashes After 7 to 14 Days!

This Eyelash Growth Serum is a 100% pure and natural formula. Have you ever wondered how to get longer eyelashes? This lash serum will take good care of your eyelashes and make them fuller, longer and much more attractive in the most effective and safe way!

This eyelash enhancer improves the condition of your lashes by fortifying the hair to make it stronger and more durable. It will nourish, moisturize, repair and protect lashes follicles and skin.


The lash growth serum is also very easy to apply. After cleansing your face, apply to the base of your upper lash line in the morning and every night before bed for fast and durable results.

Once applied, the lash growth serum works to LENGTHEN, THICKEN, and DARKEN your eyelashes by nourishing your lash line with protein complexes that reinforce and support a healthier looking appearance.

Get Thicker, Darker and Fuller Lashes in 4 to 6 Weeks!

What Should I Expect?

  • Growth in Lashes Length and Volume
  • Fuller, Longer, Darker Lashes
  • Healthy Lashes Condition
  • Prolonged Lashes Life Span
  • Beautiful Curling Effect


How To Use?


  1. To apply the lash serum, start by gently cleansing and drying your eyelashes.
  2. Dip the brush into the lash growth serum just enough to pick a drop.
  3. Flip the brush upside down for a second for the drop to soak into the brush and not stay on its tip.
  4. Apply the eyelash enhancer along the upper eyelid at the base of all eyelashes (similar to an eyeliner). Avoid getting the product into your eyes.


Go through this process two times per day (morning and night), minimum one time per day, for at least 60 days. Remember that the eyelashes are the slowest growing hair on the human body.

CONSISTENT morning AND night application is key to great results! Please note that if you don't use continuously for a few weeks or a few months (hair growth cycle) will stop.


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