Blackhead Removal Tool - Facial Pore Cleanser & Comedone Extractor

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Say Goodbye To Traditional, Painful & Ineffective Techniques & Try This Blackhead Removal Tool Now!


The most effective blackhead removal tool that you have been looking for is this blackhead extractor that works better than the old nose pore strips and blackhead removing needles.

Not only does this comedone extractor attack those pesky blackheads, it also works wonders for your skin as a complete facial pore cleanser. The blackhead removal tool uses suction to function as a pore vacuum.

Get Flawless Skin Without Spending A Fortune!

The blackhead extractor also gets rid of dead cells, whiteheads and oils. Now you have an affordable option to use this blackhead removal tool and always maintain skin that shines. It even reduces wrinkles by making your skin more firm with improved elasticity.

  • A fully charged comedone extractor will last up to 15 days so you can use this blackhead removal tool and facial pore cleanser at home or easily take it with you while travelling.
  • The blackhead extractor comes in a small size that makes it convenient to use and highly portable.
  • This pore vacuum device comes with 4 suction heads that are detachable and it can be used at varying intensity levels. There’s also an in-built light to give you improved visibility.
  • It’s a blackhead removal tool that solves 6 types of skin problems at once in an extremely convenient way.
  • All types of skin – from normal to sensitive – can be treated with the blackhead extractor.


This blackhead removal tool will smoothen your skin with a gentle massaging movement without damaging it. The nutrients in your skin will remain intact while it is rejuvenated by this pore vacuum.


  1. Charge the comedone extractor using the USB port.
  2. Soften and enlarge your skin pores via steam and cleansing.
  3. Use the respective suction head with your blackhead removal tool depending on what treatment your skin needs.
  4. Move it over your skin, going in a single direction with your facial pore cleanser without pausing at any one place for more than 3 seconds.