Ice Roller for Face & Eyes Skin Massage Anti-Aging Cold Therapy Tool

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Ice Roller for Face & Eyes Skin Massage Anti-Aging Cold Therapy Tool

  • MULTI APPLICATION: It is not only a facial roller, but it can also be used as a massage tool for total body relaxation.Massage your legs, arms, and back with the roller to improve circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • ICE THERAPY: Reduces sunburn, redness, and skin irritation, as well as migraine relief. You can keep this roller on hand in case of skin redness or allergy, as well as for pain relief.
  • TIGHTEN SKIN: Use this ice face roller to increase circulation in the skin, which tightens the appearance of skin, shrinks pores, and reduces the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. This treatment is a great way to keep your skin looking young and fresh.
  • PERFECT SKIN CARE TOOL:  Our ice roller is ideal for massaging your face, eyes, and neck to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.
  • Dimensions:8"x4"x3" Weight: 0.00 Lbs 4.00 Ounces

                     Our Ice Roller Skin Care tool decreases inflammation, smoothes and tightens pores, and aids in the absorption of your skin care program! The frozen roller can quickly minimize pores and stimulate blood circulation by gently rolling it on your skin.  The dark circles and bags under the eyes caused by poor sleep quality can be efficiently reduced, as can the puffiness of the eyes and face.
                      The Ice Roller Skin Care tool has a considerable effect on migraine and muscular strain pain, and it can relieve pain more effectively than an ice pack. Wipe over the temples, forehead, above the eyes, and neck for headaches. To treat muscular strain, move the afflicted area back and forth and keep it cool for as long as possible. Use as a morning pick-me-up to wake up and tighten skin before applying makeup to get your day started, or at the conclusion of your overnight skincare routine to help lock in the ingredients of your serums and moisturizers and decrease puffiness. It can be cleaned with warm water and light soap, or with alcohol and a cotton ball.