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Poly Gel Nails - Nail Enhancement Kit - Clear White Pink

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poly gel
poly gel

Poly Gel is a flawless, all in one nail enhancement treatment that you’ll love!

After years of perfecting the technique, nail enhancement users will be delighted to discover just how good Poly Gel nails look and feel. Poly Gel brings together only the best attributes of both hard gel and acrylic to create a revolutionary nail enhancement formula.

Poly Gel nails are stronger, lighter and more flexible than other gel nails. Airborne dust won’t be an issue with this nail enhancement and there is zero odor.

Poly Gel gets you better results than any other nail enhancement for perfectly smooth, shiny nails!

Poly Gel is so light that you’ll forget you wore nail enhancements. These gel nails are easy and fast to apply. Anyone can use the flawless Poly Gel tube application even if you are inexperienced.

  • Poly Gel comes in the perfect consistency to work with without worrying about ratios and mixing.
  • This nail enhancement comes in a tube so you only use the amount you need and no extra Poly Gel is wasted. Each tube yields around 30 to 50 sets of gel nails.
  • Comes in several sheer colors such as light pink, dark pink, bright white, soft white and natural clear.
  • Poly Gel is applied in just 3 simple steps and takes only 30 seconds to cure.
  • Application is easy, the nail enhancement is odorless and weighs as light as a feather on your nails.
  • Poly Gel comes with a choice of trial kits to equip you with everything you need to apply the gel nails.



  • Squeeze the Poly Gel out of the tube and roll some onto your nail.
  • Shape the Poly Gel into place with a brush and a little Slip Solution.
  • Keep it under 18G LED light for half a minute.


Poly Gel nail enhancement uses an innovative polymer fusion from gel, acrylic and lacquer to formulate the perfect gel nails. This technology results in odor free, monomer free, lightweight nail enhancements that are quick and easy to use.


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