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Never have a bad hair day again when you can fix it with Toppik hair fibers!

Toppik hair fibers have revolutionized the way bald spots and hair thinning can be concealed. Wigs, extensions and other unnatural looking treatments are no longer necessary when you have Toppik hair building fibers!

Thinning areas can be instantly filled in with the hair fibers. Hair loss won’t be a problem when you can just sprinkle on some hair building fibers. These hair fibers make even very fine hair look fuller and thicker.

No need for expensive hair treatments at the salon when you can use the TOPPIK Hair Fibers for instant, flawless results!

Toppik hair fibers are resistant to the effects of rain, sunshine, wind and perspiration. With Toppik hair fibers, spend all day and night outdoors without the worry that you’ll spoil your hair!

  • The Toppik hair fibers are long-lasting and will stay firmly in place until you wash them out with shampoo.
  • Use Toppik hair building fibers on bald spots, part lines, fine hair and thinning areas, and also on the roots in between colorings for a quick touch-up.
  • The Toppik hair fibers can withstand rain, wind and sweat to keep you looking great in all conditions.
  • Nine shades are available for the Toppik Hair Fibers which you can also mix to create any hair color that you need.
  • Toppik hair fibers are available in several different sizes from mini travel size to regular, giant and economy packs.


  • Dry your hair and style them as you wish.
  • Shake the Toppik hair fibers or use the Toppik Spray Applicator to spray them onto the areas where your hair is thinning.
  • Pat gently so that the Toppik hair building fibers can be dispersed evenly.
  • If necessary, use a delicate hand to brush, comb or style your hair once the hair fibers are in place.


Toppik hair fibers are made from tinted keratin proteins. They are undetectable after application as they blend perfectly with your existing hair and effectively give your hair more volume. Get the Toppik Hair Fibers now and go out with renewed confidence!




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